Thursday, November 5, 2009

Open-Campus at Lunch

By Abby

Lunch time at our school is very fun, because we get to be with our friends and talk. Sometimes the lunch is very disgusting though, and some of us don't eat it which isn't very good for us. So we should have open-campus at lunch.

One of the first reasons that we should have open-campus during lunchtimes is because if we don't like the lunch here we can go get something else. All meals are important when you are our age so if we don't eat lunch it's not good for us. When we have choices of where we eat we are more likely to eat lunch. I'm also almost sure that most of the food we have here isn't the best for us. If the teachers get to leave campus for lunch I think we should too.

Another reason is, if you live close to the school you can go to your house and eat. Also if part of your family is in town for only a little while and you want to see them you can go to see them at lunch. Going home is a good opportunity too because you are more likely to eat the food that's at your own house. So if you think about it, this also involves our health because if we don't eat lunch at school it is not good. Then for some of us we have to go football or volleyball practice right after school so we don't have time to eat after school.

Last, I personally think that we are all responsible enough to get back on time. Once you get into 6th grade we are all responsible enough to be somewhere at a certain time. Even though we may be young, giving us this opportunity can show that we can be responsible. All of us are capable to control ourselves too, when we try. We should have an opportunity too to show that we are responsible enough.

Having an open-campus lunch would benefit us and the lunch ladies. They wouldn't have to cook as much and we would be able to eat what we wanted. Everyone likes to have what they want.


  1. Great essay. I think it was one of the best essays i have ever read.

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  2. I liked this essay abby i thought it was gr8


  3. FABULOUS!!!!!!!! VERY PROUD!!!!!!!!!


  4. I think we should have open campus lunch to Abby- Nayeli

  5. This is a great essay Abby im writing a persuasive speech on open campus.This essay has helped my with a ton of ideas. Thanx again Abby.


  6. where is the rebuttle?

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  8. now i got my final essay for my english class! jajaj thanks i hope u dont really mind ok>!! thanks abby!